Sharing lyrics, logic, and lullabies, songwriter Ed Verner is often described as a mellow Renaissance man whose piano-based music glides above the countryside. Taking what was a lifelong passionate hobby to the next level is a challenge that many fail, but businessman and songwriter Ed Verner is making headway. Since the summer of 2013, Ed Verner’s work has grown steadily, now to over 50 original song releases and nearly two dozen film project instrumental works. With mainly a soulful singer-songwriter style, sometimes edging towards a relaxing instrumental meditation vibe, this campfire guitar and lush piano balladeer is quick to acknowledge the inspiration for his music found in his many passions and activities, some of which are easy going and laid back and others of which are invigorating. He says, “The music that should accompany cruise sail boating in the Gulf is entirely different when compared to the sounds of tumbling my fully aerobatic open cockpit biplane around the skies.”