Top three phases of drummers. Most commonly seen drumming styles.

Top three phases of drummers. Most commonly seen drumming three phases of drummers, pearl drums, ed verner, lyrics logic and lullabies

Top three phases of drummers. Yes, I am going there.

As a singer-songwriter of generally mellow story telling songs, I have come to greatly appreciate the art and rarity inside great drumming. When it comes to drummers, I have had three distinct phases of past experiences:


Top Three phases of Drummers: Phase 1

The High School Phase – This is where teenage boys attempt to relieve their frustration and try to prove their “manhood” by beating wildly and savagely on their tortured and poor quality drum set (failing miserably at both). This phase for me was marked by my gaining a real appreciation as to how much noise and songwriting arrest drums are capable of making.   Also in this phase one can observe how drummers work very hard, often creating a sheen of sweat which is strangely and inexplicably attractive to certain females.

Top Three phases of Drummers: Phase 2


The Young Adult Phase – This period is marked by an increase in the player’s skill and a rise in instrument quality, combined unfortunately with an overwhelming urge to be recognized and identified with both. In this phase, any song to receive “the treatment” becomes a magic carpet upon which the drums can rise to the top “where it belongs”. Amplifiers become a necessity for every other instrument and the vocals. Even a concert grand piano, capable of going toe to toe with a full orchestra and brass, needs to be amplified now to remind anyone in the audience that the song has a melody.

Top three phases of Drummers: Phase 3

The Artist Phase – This is the high altitude rare air of high orbit wherein a truly gifted, mature, and artistic drummer/percussionist adds something to any song that very often people remain unaware of through their first 10 or more listens. After a while, a song that people truly love gets heard enough to where they find themselves doing the drum part on their dashboards, or air-drumming with glee to the one or two signature licks that define the rhythm which now they cannot live without.

Now all joking aside…

I must admit to how I’ve grown to appreciate a very nearly identical track of progress in gifted piano players I admire; or in saxophone, or guitar, or just about any melodic instrument of difficulty. And I’ve occasionally caught myself playing “too much” of the song on my piano when I am going to take it from my coffee-house original incarnation into a studio cut, etc.

But one of the wonderful things I’ve grown to appreciate about drums in a singer-songwriter production is how now I am eager now to hear what a drummer (an artistic and gifted one) will bring to something I’m at a loss to conjure in my own head. And I’ve come to appreciate how really “drums” is very much a plural thing. Talk about multi-tasking; cymbals, toms, snare drums, hi hat, and then the gamut of percussion instruments really can make your head spin. And of course judicious use of cymbals and the fine line between noise and juicy emotion you can’t explain is an art unto itself.   I’ve enjoyed having an already “full” song actually sound less crowded after 10 tracks of drumming and percussion are ADDED to it and that dynamic is a strange and beautiful irony to behold.

And while I personally pick number 3 of the top three phases of drummers, I am happy to say that even in the simplest ballad I create now, I long for and appreciate a good drummer that is an artist, aware and understanding of my music.

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Top three phases of drummers. Most commonly seen drumming styles.