How do you debate Religion vs Atheism? My logic on the topic.

How do you debate Religion vs Atheism? My logic on the topic. A Lyrics, Logic and Lullabies Blog.
how do you debate religion vs atheism

How do you debate religion vs atheism? My take on the topic.

There are several dangers in espousing meaningful thought and debate about spiritual matters. The most logical of which is how by its nature the subject will put you in a minority. Whether you are a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, atheist, or any of several other lesser-known contenders, you become a minority if you “declare” yourself any one or the other. That being said, allow me to offer a point to ponder anyway.

How do you debate religion vs atheism? The battlegrounds of the discussion.

If you are debating the merit of any monotheistic religion to an atheist, the battleground is entirely different than if you are discussing one mono-theistic religion in contrast to another. For if one side of the debate comes from the perspective of someone who believes there is NO higher being who all-knowingly sees over, created, and/or has concern over the actions of mankind, and the other side of the debate starts from such a place; the two parties cannot find middle ground – and this is why. The atheist actually worships mankind itself as both the problem and the answer to the problems of the past and the future. Whereas competing mono-theistic religious believers worship differing Gods, and/or their prophets and scriptures.

How do you debate religion vs atheism? Is it possible between a religious person and an atheist?

To an atheist, all adherents of a religion are to some level or another participating in the ridiculous – and often this belief takes on (oddly enough) a holier than though conceit. One who worships mankind is unable to engage in debate regarding a morality outside of man. Thence all historical evidence or precedent is simply the vagaries of mankind writing or creating his own history. To him, any scriptures become simply an artifice of manipulation by really smart men of old (or really evil ones) whose aim it was to gain or transfer power over the “masses” who by definition must be somewhat dim and beneath the authors thereof.

How do you debate religion vs atheism? Will it always turn to arrogance vs intellect?

If you attempt to argue with an atheist from the perspective of a man of faith, be prepared to be assumed beneath them in intellect. And expect the defense of their ‘religion’ (which they generally deny exists) to be an impenetrable force field of arrogance.

It begs the question: If you know that you know more than I, how is it profitable for us to debate anything?
how d you debate religion vs atheismHow do you debate Religion vs Atheism? My logic on the topic.

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How do you debate Religion vs Atheism? My logic on the topic.