Honoring our National Symbols such as the flag and the anthem.

Honoring our National Symbols such as the flag and the anthem. A Lyrics, Logic and Lullabies Blog

Honoring our national symbols such as the flag and the anthem.

We celebrate and honor national symbols like the flag or the anthem, not because we are perfect as a nation, but because we aspire to improve. National symbols that inspire an urge to perfection and that help us honor our past progress and past heroes are living up to their purpose. This is why the consideration of honoring our national symbols is deserved.

Spotlighting flaws to justify dishonoring our national symbols is illogical.

But to spotlight our flaws as a nation, or call attention to our errors by attempting to tear down and remove our national symbols in protest over areas of injustice that need our inspired attention is illogical. One does not further inspire continued improvement and the striving for perfection by removing the inspirations thereof. We gain nothing and lose much by destroying our symbols.

Honoring our national symbols shows gratitude

To allow gratitude for the past, and celebration of our national achievements that are indeed meritorious is a good thing. Instructing and mentoring our youth by honoring our flag, or our national anthem, is a way to remind them of the ever-present urge to do EVEN BETTER. And to model and mentor disrespect of our inspirational symbols is to remove a very real aspect of perspective that otherwise could assist us in striving for more progress towards perfection.

Honoring our national symbols even if our nation isn’t perfect


If we wait for the USA to be perfect before honoring our flag, or before pledging our allegiance, or before standing to honor our anthem, we will never get it done. But then again our inheritance as citizens of this great nation comes from imperfect ancestors who left it better than they found it.

If you have found a better country you prefer to honor, please go there. Otherwise, let our nation’s symbols have their moment, and let it inspire you to strive for more and better justice and freedom. It’s not about what we haven’t done perfectly, it is about what we have done well, and what we can do together.

Honoring our National Symbols like the flag or the anthem.

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