Beauty and warmth of Bass. How it adds magic to music.

Beauty and warmth of Bass. The magic, the musicality and the and warmth of bass, ed verner, lyircs logic lullabies

Beauty and warmth of Bass. The Cello Neighbor.

The 3rd instrument I ever learned to play was the cello – and I loved it. The tonal range and the position of the cello generally in front of the double-bass players in an orchestra allowed me to wallow in the lower tones from an early age. And that swimming in the deep end feeling of the music down there immediately translated into my piano playing and style; taking my hands an octave lower to find a sweet spot in my music there.

Beauty and warmth of Bass. A different approach than drums.

Now recently I wrote on the subject of drummers and percussion and my respect for how they add unexpected and wonderful things to many of my singer-songwriter style songs. So much better too in how it actually changes a creation sometimes. And while this may be true as regards bass and really good bass players, for me what these players more often do to a song is sometimes to give it EXACTLY what I expected. I say that not because a good bass player doesn’t create something fresh and talented in ways that I don’t or can’t, but rather in how good bass playing in a singer-songwriter song is like blood in a mammal.

It just is – and to a point, the more the better. When bass gets added to a song of mine, it frequently just adds balls, power, and subliminal rhythms which are already ghost notes in the ear of a listener. Frequently it feels like the song was just coming through an old tiny battery powered transistor AM radio and suddenly after the bass is added it sounds like it is live players 12 feet away in a nice wooden room.

Beauty and warmth of bass… and those rare moments… 

Now the contrary is rare, but every now and then it happens that a bass player botches it and brings not the guts and ghost notes, but rather jams a bookend not on the end of the books in line, but rather between them and thus makes a hell of a mess on the bookshelf.

But this is rare.

Most times, the bass is like the curve of a beautiful woman’s hind end. Yeah she may have a beautiful face, nice smile, long hair, and a lovely sleeveless dress, but the picture may be incomplete if it doesn’t end well (smile). So too a good song that lacks good work from a bass player and possible bad choices, that is not fully ready for the spotlight.
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Beauty and warmth of Bass. How it adds magic to music.