Serious success potential from a practical joke?

Serious success potential from a practical joke. Sometimes the fluff flies higher.
serious success potential, ed verner

Serious success potential from a practical joke.

I sometimes have this nagging little fear of success striking my music as a result of the wrong song. As a songwriter I have my favorites which usually have some subtle musical innuendo or some sort of beautiful moment of complexity that I relish.

Whereas I also have written a song or two that stand as a farcical protest against complication. By that I mean that while it is an effort for me, I can actually force myself to write something banal, commonplace, and even boring. Lifting up the curiosity and possibility of some kind of serious success potential from a practical joke.  And every now and then I do exactly that just as a silent rage against things I sometimes hear “out and about”.

Could there be serious success potential from a practical joke.

I can be in a retail outlet somewhere and wind up listening to something that is wildly popular and equally inducing of a nearly uncontrollable urge in me to wretch. And after such an exposure, I smile to myself thinking how some record label somewhere is receiving a royalty payment for THAT.

And though I smile about it, and tell myself something like, “well, Ed, ya gotta love it… life is funny that way,” etc. I also sometimes find myself at the piano thumping out a dull lifeless 1,4,5 blot on the ears. I’ve even gone so far at times as to write an entire song around the idea of trying to make myself fit into kitsch like that.

Serious success potential from striking the most (non-serious)  and most familiar chords?

I actually record one of em every now and then; and then comes the fear. Just my luck, or the sense of humor I know is in the Divine master up above, it will be one of those songs that somehow strikes a chord with an sudden windfall of notice. And then I would be trapped always having to play that one if I were out giving a performance.

In my fear, I take it a little further in my mind, just to be prepared. I see a coffee house performance one day, where I’m partway through playing my “As If You Said ‘Yes”” or “Abandoned and Forgotten” and someone interrupts to yell out “Play ??? – Come on man” (insert banal protest song – and I ain’t tellin’).

I suppose the alternative of no one ever noticing anything of mine, versus their noticing one of the “wrong songs” should make it tolerable. But still there is the last question: If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, did it matter if it was a beautiful tree or a crappy one?

serious success potential, ed verner

Serious Success Potential in any of the simplicity?
Well, I guess we’ll see…

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Serious success potential from a practical joke?