Songwriter Singer with an odd voice. Here are a few examples

Songwriter Singer with an odd voice. Here are a few examples. A Lyrics, Logic and Lullabies Blog.

Songwriter Singer. In some cases, it should be this way.

“Singer Songwriter” is generally the order that these two words are most often paired. And it is a brutal truth that the general public, desperately seeking live performances to feed an addiction to energy found nowhere else, more greatly prizes the singer/songwriter combination in that order. Some of my musical inspirations, like Dan Fogelberg, James Taylor, Marc Cohn, and more recently Jamie Cullum all fit into that order of things. They have excellent voices which can transport any song, one of their own or another’s, to a place where any songwriter would be proud to have their song go.

The Songwriter Singer… Songs first, vocals next?

Yet, there is another… the “Songwriter Singer”. The Randy Newman, or Jimmy Webb, or Keith Whitley. And though they can sing (for me even I prefer to hear them sing their songs rather than others at times), still they swim first and foremost in the pool of songwriting and leave their vocal performance to bring up a second place finish as far as priorities go.

I am a songwriter singer!

It’s not to say that I can’t or won’t perform, because I will and I have, and I enjoy it. But it is rather to say I acknowledge how I won’t ever be considered a singer. Yes, I can lend authenticity and voice to a song of mine, especially if it is a song that will never be heard otherwise. And there are many who greatly enjoy hearing my song voice. But, I am not blind, nor deaf when I critically watch my performance or listen to my recordings. There is meat on the bone and a genuine song when I’ve given it my best, and I remain proud. But part of me still wishes that if I live long enough, and work diligently enough, that one day a song of mine may be done by a “real” singer.

I’ve paid “real” singers a time or two to reinterpret the vocals on a studio recording of my songs. But it is just not the same as when a performing singer WANTS to sing the song from their gut; from that place where music bubbles up in mysterious wanderlust. And the odds of a “real” performance singer finding my songs and enjoying the wellspring of a collaboration like Webb and Cambell, or Newman and Three Dog Night or Chantal did are slim.

I don’t do it because I’m sure it will work out. I write them because I must, and such is the life of a Songwriter Singer. Perhaps I should write a song about it.


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******************************************Songwriter Singer with an odd voice. Here are a few examples.