Would you like free music from me?

Would you like free music from me? Not an option and here is why.

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Would you like free music from me?

Just because I love making my music, does not mean I will give it to you for free. Really, you should be ashamed of yourself for asking. Now, if I choose to, I may gift it to someone for reasons that give me pleasure, or to gain exposure to a larger body of work of mine in hopes of being more successful, etc. But for anyone to have the automatic expectation of getting good quality art for free, is to further a dark and sad mantra, namely:

“When all art is free, it will be worth what you paid for it.”

A corollary to this for me is how I will always endeavor to pay anyone who collaborates with me on a song or artistic project. It may not be much, but I will always try to make some payment. And any payment is infinitely more than zero.

Would you like free music from me: Does that request consider the artist?

This applies in so many areas of life in how many people believe that if someone is blessed to do something they love for a living, they should be able to give it away – as if the joy of doing should be enough for them. What a crock of manure. I have a dentist who genuinely loves fixing, removing, and sloshing around with teeth. And when I have dental pain I am damned glad he not only loves doing it, but that he is in the BUSINESS of doing what he loves. Good for him, and when he makes a pain go away, I am a happy guy to be able to pay him.

Would you like free music from me? Well, if there is a fair barter in place, then I think it is ok. 

Sure there are times when a barter system applies in music. And is one of the only times it would be right to answer yes to the question, would you like free music? There are times when someone says they will play on a song of mine, if I will play piano on a song of theirs, and sometimes I will agree, or other times I may decide to pay them, and then ask for the same rate later if their song ever gets an instrument add on from my fingers, etc.

But I’m not speaking here of people in the industry of making art. I’m talking about how many people (who can’t play or write chopsticks) somehow feel they are entitled to listen to and download astoundingly good music or art for free. And how they often may find a song, avoid buying it, and spend 30 minutes figuring out how to snatch it for free… Buddy, 30 minutes of your time to download the software to become a thief/pirate is worth more than the 99 cents you could have supported the artist by buying it in the first place. Wake up douche-bag.

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Would you like free music from me? Not an option and here is why.