What if you are being slandered? Resisting battle with a slanderer.

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What if you are being slandered? Resisting battle with a slanderer.
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What if you are being slandered? Resisting battle with a slanderer.

The reason there is a Commandment against slander, or bearing unjust witness against a neighbor is because it is TERRIBLY effective. People all too often are eager to hear something negative or destructive about someone else. People will easily believe something bad about another, even someone they otherwise “know” would not do such a thing, precisely because human beings are self-destructively attracted to bad things.

It is like seeing video footage of a lethal car wreck. We know from the title that it is real and that someone inside that car is going to die, and that nothing good can come from our watching it, and yet it is nearly impossible not to watch the awful thing happen. It is a temptation that even when known is hard to resist. For many, slander is like that video.

What if you are being slandered or seeing another being slandered in a malicious way?

When someone is slandered, most people who hear this “did you know that so and so did BLAH” can be taken in by it. Those rare occasions when the person involved is entirely innocent of the accusation, but being slandered by a malicious rotten person, slip through, and though rare they are easily more powerful. Accusations of evil are more sticky and often devoured by people’s ears more than are reports of someone doing great good deeds.

But what if you are being slandered?

What do you do when a malicious person attempts to unjustly witness against you? Firstly, I would caution you not to be angry at friends or loved ones who believe it without checking with you first. Sure it is nice to have that 1 out of 100 who defend you immediately and call you to double-check that you didn’t REALLY do what they just heard of you.

But the other 99% of your associates who might believe it, or even repeat it before learning of the truth and justice they just violated, those folks need to be forgiven. It is human nature to be sucked in by the bad things.

Secondly, if you know precisely who is the fount of the slander, don’t feel any need to protect them from your CLEARLY defending the truth and righteousness. For slander that goes unchecked grows faster than kudzu in Georgia and slander against you is slander against all of your family or associates who share righteous time and business with you.

What if you are being slandered? Shining the light of truth

You must shine the light of truth upon a slanderer, not because they will stop any more than a crazy person will become suddenly sane, or an evil person will become a saint, but because the light of truth is positive and righteous. Slander against you may not cease because you fight it with truth, but that slanderer’s ability to succeed next time on someone less able to fight them may be reduced or eliminated. Think of it as a Pay It Forward thing when you take the time to resist and do battle against a slanderer.

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What if you are being slandered? Resist as best you can to return it

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What if you are being slandered? Resisting battle with a slanderer.