Why wait when it comes to Christmas and the New Year’s Resolutions

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Why wait when it comes to Christmas and the New Year’s Resolutions? A Lyrics, Logic and Lullabies Blog.
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Why wait when it comes to Christmas?

I love Christmas time, and yet it always begs the question for me about ‘why wait’? The same goes with the whole New Year’s celebration and the idea of resolutions. I’m pretty bad about not always having the perfect gift for someone at Christmas time.

And yet, the other side of that coin is how if I stumble upon a perfect gift for them in September I will buy it and give it to them. Even if it is not their birthday. Why wait when it comes to Christmas if I found it months earlier? And sad but true, it often feels as though many gifts really wind up feeling like trinkets of clutter that some poor soul had to agonize over purchasing “on schedule”.

But the real tragedy is how the clutter and the business of it all can sap the very spirit of love and giving that it was supposed to remind us of. (who says you shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition?)

Why wait when it comes to Christmas or the resolutions?

As for New Year’s Eve and the concept of resolutions, I gave them up somewhere along my teen years long ago upon further consideration of how I shouldn’t wait to begin any worthy goal until a seemingly arbitrary moment of the planet’s orbit around our Sun. My father says, tongue in cheek, how “Time is a convenient assumption, made to explain an apparent succession of supposed events.” Sometimes I feel that many holidays are likewise full of puff and bravado.

If you have a goal that needs to wait until “new year’s eve” before you will commit to achieving it, then perhaps the goal itself is a bit thin. Likewise, if you need for Christmas to arrive before allowing the spirit of love and celebration of the Messiah to motivate you to cherish your loved ones then perhaps you should double-check yourself and your habit of giving to those in your closest circles.

And, why wait when it comes to Christmas… to pick up one of my songs?

So, if your goal is to start supporting mellow indy songwriter/singers or giving good music to baby boomer friends who are sick and tired of waiting for “new” stuff on the radio to enjoy listening to, then by all means buy my music, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too.
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Why wait when it comes to Christmas and the New Year’s Resolutions