Dancing With The Wind

A Musical Meditation on the Romance of Sail

A Musical Meditation on the Romance of Sail. These 12 tracks provide over 30 minutes of seamless impressionistic piano music indulging in the emotions associated with a 2 day crusie sail. Without a single word or lyric, the piano tells a story of being on the water immersed in Sail, Wing and String.


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The Original Score Work

The "Brush" project was to create on piano an accompaniment for an artistic documentary film that would feature no dialog, yet clearly show the course of a young romance from the perspective of a female protagonist. 

The Film covers approximately 2 1/2 years of time in 13 minutes, focusing on the joy, angst, breakup, and re-emergence of a young woman's heart and her expression of emotion on her artist's canvas. The piano-based score takes a similar journey... enjoy these pieces of the original works.


  1. C# Haunt
  2. First Love Theme
  3. Slow Anger
  4. Black Paint Anger
  5. Emerging Theme
  6. End Credits

C# Haunt


First Love Theme


Slow Anger


Black Paint Anger


Emerging Theme


End Credits