Hidden Song Titles & meanings

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Hidden Song Titles and meanings in a short story from Ed Verner
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Hidden Song Titles and meanings in a short story.

See if you can catch the hidden song titles in the short story and blog. I took the approach of writing a piece for fun that would include a number of my songs. There are thirty of my songs in this story, can you find them? Or if you don’t know them, which words together do you think would make a good title of a song?

Every once in a while I have to tell myself to “Come on”, especially when I feel like I’ve been thrown off. Years ago when I rather suddenly accepted how I was a single parent now and I absorbed that feeling of being on a lonely island of sorts, it kind of felt that our town was no longer my town for a while, and the hurt of that took me outside of my usual nice guy side and plopped me into being capable of being a dangerous man for a brief moment. I could see the future looming at times, even feeling a bit like I had a crystal ball and chain in that I could foretell, but not avoid, some drama headed towards me and my fairy tale life. And yet, enduring some suffering was good and in many ways that’s the reason I could slog through what was a long cold winter for me and my family.

Not going to give away the hidden song titles yet…

but I will tell you there were 10 hidden song titles so far in the last paragraph.

The truth is that even when I was working in a county honkytonk and watching that genre change to the point of feeling I was witnessing a country song epitaph of sorts, good music still had a way in and to my heart. And even though I saw time and time again (at what was a honkytonk toying with being a nightclub) how you can’t depend on love too much, I still romantically clung to the idea of love like a captain with his ship. And in my mind I love not only the future happiness I work for and hope to find, but also any passed love affairs; remembering at times the happiness of knowing, man, she is so pretty, even more inside than out.

Eight more hidden song titles in that last paragraph.

Hint, if you visit https://soundcloud.com/ed-verner, you may be able to make out some of the hidden song titles. These are not all originals of mine would be a solid second hint. Plus I linked a few of them too!

Sometimes ‘wait’ she said was too long, or the road we didn’t go conjures a feeling of howling at the moon, but in the end things fade away and that’s ok. When the warring angels that guard me and someone else find themselves conflicted it is my style when I look at them to see how they are both doing their job, and I’m glad. They can both majestically defend their charge in a heroes’ waltz of sorts, each trying to guard and protect the little china doll they shelter.

And eight more in the previous paragraph and four more in the next to make it 30. Could you find them all?

What are you dreaming? These things that you are dreaming, do they fade over time, or crystalize and motivate you with an ebb and flow of inspiration? Any regrets? If you have the gift of big dreams and opportunities, don’t lie to yourself – don’t be some beautiful liar that makes me sad. I don’t want to write any sad songs here just now.
hidden song titles, ed verner, lyrics logic lullabies

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