Types of people who generally dont like me and I’m ok with it.

Types of people who generally dont like me and I’m ok with it. A Lyrics, Logic and Lullabies Blog.
Types of People Who Generally Don’t Like Me

Types of people who generally dont like me. Here we go.

I was in discussion recently with someone and was providing them with some historical perspective about my hometown. And while going through the years of progress and reliving some of the pertinent issues I’ve been involved with along the way, there were of course a few moments to recount that involved personal drama.

And on the two moments when an honest recounting of past events came around towards persons who have shown an active dislike for me, I honestly reported the fact along with the needed history lesson.

However, going through the recollections of the two or three main detractors I’ve had along the way, I decided to really sit back and think about what were the characteristics I showed at that time in my life, and what were the main traits revealed in the character of my detractors back then. I observed an interesting pattern.

Types of people who generally dont like me. Don’t get me wrong.

Now it is not to say that I’m perfect, by any stretch of the word. I’ll readily admit to being stubborn, logical to a fault sometimes as regards keeping compassion alive, impatient when it comes to putting up with bull crap no matter how much BBQ sauce one might attempt to disguise it with, and I can be impatient when it comes to people with an overwhelming urge to steal the work, or image, or credit of another.

In addition, I have a modestly hard spot of bark on my tree trunk when it comes to modern day Pharisees who want the robes and the crown of authority, but forget all about that humility and pride stuff the good book often speaks towards.

Type of people who generally dont like me. My top four.

Yet when I looked long and hard at the few, (thankfully very few) people who have taken great effort to cause me harm or to impugn my personal character; when I really considered each of them with a detached and time tested review, I found some solace in realizing that they possess at least 1 of 4 general traits – in one case all 3 were present.

Generally speaking out of my few outspoken past critics and the types of people who generally don’t like me; one will find them to be: Liars – Posers – Bullies – Windbags

Even so, I think it worth noting how they did indeed teach me something worthwhile, and in the end I remain glad they came into my life. I’m more grateful that we each have moved on, yet I hope they have done so with grace and happiness.
Types of People Who Generally Don’t Like Me, ed verner

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Types of people who generally don’t like me and I’m ok with it.