Don’t regret another’s suffering

Don’t regret another’s suffering for two reasons, both for how it may be necessary, and for how it opens doors. As people learn how they will and won’t allow others to treat them, and thus what they will demand of themselves regarding how they will and won’t treat their fellows, suffering is frequently an absolute necessary ingredient in cooking the sauce of growth.   And like a 350 degree oven on eggs, batter, butter, and sugar the exposure to the heat of suffering may indeed bake something later delicious, but there is no way to fully combine these ingredients without that last step.

This song takes a similar journey in how the last minute can’t really express itself unless and until one has taken the simple ingredients of the first 3:30 and allowed them to coagulate a bit. I.E. one has to listen and relax into it a bit. I don’t expect many will make or take that time, but hopefully those who do will be adequately pleased.  You may listen in a new window (3 weeks ahead of its official release) at: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

And if any reading this feel overwhelmingly urged to make me suffer your criticism of it for my personal growth, you may find me on social media and indulge yourself.

And now just to add some meaningless words in the effort to make this blog post needlessly longer when, really, I’ve already said what my original thought was, I am simply prattling to increase the searchability of this mostly impotent endeavor at getting my song noticed.  🙂  But then again, about  a year ago one of my songs that I didn’t push at all got tens of thousands of “spins” on spotify for no reason I can imagine… like the African man says to Meryl Streep in “Out Of Africa”… “The Gods are happy Bo-poo, they play with us.”  Please don’t take that as an encouragement or personal endorsement towards monotheism.  🙂