The Show Tune Style Collection

With over 52 minutes of music, these 14 original studio recorded songs have been chosen in part because I felt they carry a vibe that easily could have been put on stage. Each one has a personal narrative feel to it, and despite how each is other directed, the word ‘I’ is in all but three of them.  And the way their melodies sometimes hang around in my head remind me of how a show tune behaves.

Often when songwriting I am seeing a scene in my head as it comes together. That juxtaposition between the emotion of a melody and the story I want to tell in lyrics, the memory I want to bring into the future with me, or a scene I witnessed that inspired me to capture it in music, that balance between the story as it was and what it could or should have been makes a show tune to me every bit as much as whether or not Broadway has or ever will hear it.

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