Anatomy Of An Affair–Book Project

I finally finished a book project long in the back of my mind, thematically.

Ed's-book-web-cover4 5

The Anatomy of an Affair project represents a body of work that spans eight plus years of effort across five main artistic modes of expression, namely, poetry, writing, musical composition, songwriting and graphic design. It has its own web page and associated links for purchase etc. CLICK HERE to have a look.

Meanwhile, thanks to all who worked on this with me. The list is long, but a few photos are included below.

Page 086 - Leaf 43 Back - 81 - Music Studio and Artist I copyPage 087 - Leaf 44 Front - 82 - Music Studio and Artist II copyPage 088 - Leaf 44 Back - 83 - Contributin Musicians I copyPage 089 - Leaf 45 Front - 84 Contributin Musicians I copy