Epic isn’t Epic Anymore

The word “Epic” has been tormented in the last decade or so; becoming synonymous with ‘cool’ and having lost much of its charm in the fall from grace.  What once was a single word that embodied how a story or poem would contain multiple settings across large spans of time featuring a character of gravitas and import, now is used simply to imply a Wow.

An explosion cannot be epic.  A hot rod cannot be epic.  I suppose it is quite possible that a video game can be, although I don’t wish to research the notion.

Part of me wants to say that a song cannot be epic in the pure sense of the word, but some knock on the door of it.  I would argue that if a song wanders across multiple themes, enjoys tempo changes and rhythm swapping to create entirely differing emotions while yet remaining “the song” somehow, then I can see applying the descriptor ‘epic’ to it.

A song of mine entitled “My Frozen Heart” is one of the songs I might consider as a contender for ‘epic’.

Click on the picture to give it a listen and you tell me – does it cross geography, emotion, and lines without losing the theme?