Image Search Check six of twenty

Every now and then I just do a double check on “images” google or other search engines will find if/when I search my name.  With a somewhat unique name I didn’t have to change it for my songwriting and recording efforts.  Yet I share the name with a well liked young professional chef who now resides in New Zealand and doesn’t write songs that I’m aware of so life is generally good.  I doubt sharing the same name troubles either of us and I hope he is thriving.

It is interesting to me to note how some of the images are older, and some are associated with relatively recent things.  And yet, some of my more popular songs and/or their cover art didn’t make the top 20, while a different one did.  There is not any perfect rhyme or reason to it that I can decipher, but I’m sure a good nerd to explain it to me, and I’m glad not to have one waste his or my time doing so.  It does entertain me just a tiny bit though, and I have to take care not to do the search too often.   Compared to some photographs out there of me doing civic things and/or that my few friends might have snapped of me in my natural habitat, I’m actually grateful that these 6 don’t offend.  phew.

Below are the 6 out of top 20 images that are me.