The Spinal Chord – Twin Interpretation


Remember now those times gone by
And the way your eyes did shine
And all those visions I rewind
How they play now on my mind

Go on home – Say goodbye

There is no anger I recall
But I’m sad after all
I lift my finger from the play
Close my eyes that is all
And you will slowly pull away
We both wish you could stay

It never dies – Say goodbye

Playing back old memories can be like looking at slides – almost like those you see in celebration of life moments. Until you take your finger off of the play button no goodbye can really happen. But allowing someone to back away after you stop calling them forth can be a haunting somber thing.

This song can be heard either way. Perhaps as a lover who, while not saying goodbye themselves, will none the less endure one by failing to call out and tempt any more; thus allowing the departure of one dear. Perhaps as a mourner allowing the memory of a recently departed friend to fade enough to move on. Either way there is a sad giving that is the theme and guts of the song. “I lift my finger from the play” is the spinal chord, get it.  🙂

Currently available via bandcamp site at CLICK HERE, it will eventually appear via the other slower usual channels.